Our Farm Organics is a small, diversified farm producing local, organic food in the fertile soil of Essex County. We are a multi-generation family farm that is dedicated to providing people with food that is both beneficial to the people who eat it and the environment in which it is grown.  We grow organic produce, raise pastured poultry, pork, beef and free-range eggs. Our products are available at our Little Farm Store Farm or through our Share programs at three locations Walkerville,  Tecumseh and here at the Farm.  You can also find us at the Windsor Downtown Farmers' Market every Saturday during the farming season. 


Our Farm is a 60 acre farm, and includes 4 acres of Market Garden, 40 acres of pasture land, as well as wooded areas for wildlife habitat. We believe that everyone should be eating food that is nutritious, delicious and just, and that a local, ecologically sound food system is the way to make this happen. We provide our local community with fresh picked, organically-grown produce and give our members the opportunity to get to know the farm and the farmers that produce their food. Our vegetables are harvested no more than 24 hours before they are ready for pick-up

By becoming an "Our Farm Organics" Farm shareholder, you are becoming more than just a customer. You are choosing to be a partner that is actively participating in sustaining a farm dedicated to producing food that is good for you, and the environment where your food is grown. 




CSA is Farmer Direct - 100% of your membership dollars go directly to support our small, local cooperative farm in Essex County. No Middleman! 




Tom and Lesley Labbe 





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